Tahvory and Billy Bunting are widely recognized architectural and portrait photographers in Denver, Colorado. At the age of 8 years old Tahvory begged for her first camera for Christmas and since then it has become her lifelong passion.

Formed in 2008, Denver Image Photography has evolved into a creative, artistic, detail oriented architectural photography brand, as well as a fun, playful, modern  style of family and portrait photography, making them a Denver favorite.

Architecture has been a passion in the Buntings' lives, having both sold real estate and Tahvory having gallery shows for years showcasing her architectural design photography. The Buntings pride themselves on capturing the story of every project they shoot. They have partnered up with the strongest local brands, as well as internationally. Their portfolio includes marketing for new condo developments, lofts, golf course properties, vacant land, riverfront developments, beach front villas, ski in/ski out properties, before and after renovation projects,  high-end luxurious homes for sale, spas and restaurants. The Buntings attention to detail is what sets them apart in Denver's photography industry and they provide many of the top Denver real estate companies with a top notch virtual tour that is like no other virtual tour experience in the Denver market. 

Originally starting as a portrait photographer, Tahvory has been photographing people and their families for over 20 years. They provide a family portrait experience that highlights beauty and connection to each other and the camera. The Buntings are a joy to be around, allowing them to capture that perfect moment and the essence of the client. There is no greater joy, in their eyes, than capturing that one moment in a family’s life that shows their love for one another.

Billy and Tahvory's commitment to their craft and the relationships they develop with their clients defines them and they are proud to be a part of such a talented community of professionals in Denver. So when you are in search for those perfect images to market your project….or need to capture that special family moment think Denver Image Photography and we will make you shine!